Dental implants/ multi speciality dental clinic DLF Phase-2

Dental implants near me, Dental implants in dlf phase2 Gurgaon - Are you looking for replacement of one or multiple teeth. If yes, dental implants is the solution. Dental implants are the best treatment available to permanently restore a missing tooth. A patient can immediately walk out of clinic wiyh teeth replaced within less than an hour. Dental implant is a titanium screw which is drilled inside the jaw bone and then a crown (cap ) or a denture is given on it to restore the tooth. These days with latest technologies available dental implants are totally painless procedures. For more information contact marwaha dental clinic/dental implants dlf phase2 gurgaon/affordable implants/latest technology/painless dental implant near me /single visit tooth replacement. We at marwaha dental clinic follow full infection control methods hence making experience of patient most comfortable and painless. patients are handled very patiently by team of expert implantologists.

Marwaha Dental Clinic is a Multi-Speciality Dental implants clinic near me providing worldclass dental treatement, located at DLF Phase- II, Gurgaon served by a team of best dental implant specialists and equipped with state-of-the art dental care equipment including:

  • Most modern equipment to conduct dental implant surgeries for replacement of missing teeth.
  • Intra-oral camera that enables the doctor in educating the patient and showing before and after treatment results to the patient.
  • Front loading vacuum autoclave for optimum sterilization of equipment.
  • Minimum Radiation Digital Dental X-Ray.
  • Facility for Ultrasonic teeth scaling and teeth whitening.
  • Light cure unit for Tooth colored restorations.
  • Latest Instruments for atraumatic and painless extraction of teeth.
  • Protaper rotary instrumentation for most accurate root canal treatments in single sitting.
  • Apex Locator for doing accurate root canals in single visit.

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