OUR Testimonial

I have undergone treatment under Dr. Divya Marwaha since 2006 and I am till date her regular dental patient. I am very satisfied with her treatment. The Treatment included implants, root canal, fillings, bleaching etc.

John Carter (Ernst & Young) - United States

I have recently undergone gum surgery at Dr. Marwaha’s clinic and I am very satisfied with the results. Moreover, the staff and the clinic environment is very hospitable

Piyush Tiwari (General Manager B.M.W) - 9958010161

I have recently undergone Root Canal treatment in Dr. Marwaha’s clinic. The treatment was very comfortable and painless. There is no problem with my teeth and I am very happy.

Sonam (Software Consultant) - 882663277

My child has undergone fillings and preventive treatment for her teeth in Dr. Marwaha’s clinic. The expierence was very nice. She is very caring with children and understands child psychology very well.

Agam Gulati (Financial Controller Advertisement Agency) - 9810199922

Myself, (a Dental Surgeon) and my husband (a Neuro Surgeon) had undergone Root Canal treatment,crown and Bridges in Dr. Marwaha’s clinic in 2007 and are very satisfied till date.We have migrated to London and we make sure to get our Dental work at Dr. Marwaha’s clinic whenever we visit India.She is an excellent doctor and a good human being.

Dr. (Mr.& Mrs.) Jiga (Dental Surgeon and Neuro Surgeon respectively) - 9971231171