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Is toothache giving you sleepless nights? If yes ,root canal treatment is the answer.
Toothache is one of the most common problem for which a patient visits a dentist .Root canal treatment is the procedure in which a dentist can immediately relieve a patient of his pain and thus saving the tooth .It is then followed by a crown ( cap ). We at marwaha dental clinic specialise at doing single visit painless root canals using latest technologies following proper protocols. Do visit marwaha dental clinic/painless root canals/toothache/root canal treatment dlf phase 2 gurgaon to make your root canal experience a painless and comfortable one .

Root Canal Specialist in DLF Phase-2 - Toothache is not one sort of pain that is hard to be stomached. It can also result in severe infection if no instantaneous action is taken. When an infection comes on, patrons would most likely require a root canal process to clear the infection. A root canal treatment is a dental technique that permits the dentist to treat problems inside the tooth without confiscating the whole tooth. The technique can be used to fix a catholicarray of teeth problems including deep cavities, abscesses and injuries. During the treatment, the dentist confiscates the affected pulp and swaps it with a rubbery material identified as Endodontics Obturation Gutta-Percha. The inside of the tooth is also cleaned to remove necrosis pulp tissue and sealed during the process.

Signs that you need the treatment
Studies show that many individuals don't know that they need to undergo the treatment as maximum of them don't show symptoms. To circumvent fixing the problem when it is too late, it is suggested that you visit your doctor at least once a year and have your teeth reviewed. There are some folks that show symptoms that include:

  • Teeth discoloration
  • Development of a pimple(swelling) on the gums
  • Severe pain when munching food or any other material
  • Extreme sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Swelling and sensitivity in the gums

If you have any of these symptoms, you should visit your doctor who will examine the condition and recommend the superlative way of fixing the problem via root canal treatment. This is surely going to be a favorable option.

Dentist Divya Marwah is an experienced, award-winning, cosmetic and implants dental surgeon. To learn more about root canal treatment, visit her today.

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